Fox Safety

Dear NJ Families,
We have a little visitor hanging around our playground! A very cute and overly friendly fox has made its’ home near us. In order to ensure everyone is safe, we are going to work with ENR to capture and release it. We are setting a ‘live trap’ outside of the fence along the Calder Crescent side of the playground. Signs will be posted near where it will be set. It is large enough for a small child to fit inside. We will have a talk with all classes about the trap and remind students to stay well away from it and the fox. Our hope is that it will be secured and released before the Break. If not, it may just move on to another spot where there is the possibility of food
Please speak with your child at home and remind them that foxes are wild creatures. They are beautiful and this one is very friendly, but they can and will bite. 
The live trap will be checked daily by school staff and ENR staff and will be removed on December 21st. 
Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe!

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